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End Stage Multiple Sclerosis

This is an advanced stage in multiple sclerosis. At this stage, the illness is usually terribly complex and emotional. Patients with end stage MS usually have an Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) score equal to or greater than 8. The mobility of these patients ...Read More

Leg Weakness with MS

There are several symptoms that come with Multiple Sclerosis and some are much more disabling than the others. One of the most disabling and disturbing symptoms is weakness of the leg muscles. For the most part, the muscle weakness with MS will come and ...Read More

Is MS Hereditary?

Multiple Sclerosis: Is It Hereditary? Multiple sclerosis is a disease that affects an individual’s nervous system. MS causes degeneration and demyelination of the nervous system. Demyelination is when the protection sheath that surrounds and protects the axons of the central nervous system is lost, ...Read More