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MS and Back Pain

Back pain is MS occurring in up to 60% of people with MS. This pain distresses the patient and may interfere with their day-today activities. Though varying in intensity, in most cases it is constant and persistent. Back pain in MS could be of ...Read More

MS and Exercise

Inactivity results in numerous risk factors and complications in people with MS. These complications can be associated with breathing deficits, coronary diseases, and weakness of muscles, diminished bone density which elevates the risk of fracture. Proper exercise will help these people become fitter. It ...Read More

MS and Depression

Multiple Sclerosis and Depression Since one tends to aggravate the other, the relationship between Multiple Sclerosis and depression is quite complicated. Additionally, depression has several of the same symptoms that MS has, which makes it difficult to determine which disorder is to blame. For ...Read More

Physical Therapy for MS

Physical Therapy and MS Physical therapy plays a vital role in the conservation and rehabilitation of the functional abilities of an individual with Multiple Sclerosis. Since every individual is affected by MS differently, and the condition progresses over time, a physical therapist must tailor ...Read More